Like any other financial instrument, when it comes to trading in digital currencies, you need to understand how, why and when prices move. Technical and fundamental analyses will be how you can predict future price movements and identify when to get into a trade and out again. Whether you plan to trade temporarily or if you want to make it into a career, you will need to have a keen and watchful eye for analysis.

At Master Trade FX, we specialize in assisting our clients with each and every part of the trading process, from explaining the fundamentals of trading, to offering the technical tools you need to help you succeed trading digital currencies.

For people who are completely new to the world of cryptocurrency trading, there are some inherent challenges. The terminology can be quite confusing, the ever changing numbers, which change in real time, can be overwhelming, while the multitude of market conditions and changes can be bewildering if you have never traded before. That’s why we provide your with this brief guide, to help you understand what analysis is, how you use it when trading cryptocurrencies, as well as the two distinct types of analysis, namely technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

What is Analysis?

In its most basic sense, analysis refers to the evaluation and calculation of a trading instrument, such as currencies, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies and more. Analysis lays the groundwork on which any and all decisions related to trading are taken. For example, if you are looking to trade in Bitcoin, you will need to consider analysis of how the digital currency is fairing compared to the USD. You need to be up to date with geopolitical and economic events that may move prices. This is where analysis can be broken down into two branches, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.

  • Technical Analysis

    Technical analysis refers to the evaluation of the instrument of trading, and its performance, in the past, to determine how it is going to perform in the present as well as the future. This is where experts analyse the past performance of the instrument, including how much prices rose and fell as well as several other important traits, to find out whether it is viable to invest in said instrument.
    We, at Master Trade FX, can take the technical aspect of the analysis into our own hands, allowing our clients to rest assured that their investments couldn’t be in more capable hands. Our team of experts and the technology at our disposal allows us to predict to the dot, how your rewarding your investment is going to be. This helps you make intelligent decisions with regards to your hard-earned money.

  • Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental analysis differs slightly from technical analysis in the way that it is focused more on data sourced from economic reports, financial records, market share and various other assets. Compared to technical analysis, which produces evaluations based on indirect indicators such as market performance and patterns, fundamental analysis is somewhat direct, relying on the true value of the currency, especially when compared to others in the same field.

    At Master Trade FX, we understand the importance of fundamental analysis bar none, and have therefore geared our services towards guiding our clients and their investments in the right direction by keeping ourselves and our clients up to date on the constantly shifting financial climate.

Expert Analysis Assistance at Master Trade FX

Cryptocurrencies may be new to the investment scene but our seasoned analysis veterans and experts have years of trading experience to pull on. Bolstered with the latest in analytical and computing technology, can deliver cryptocurrency analysis par excellence, taking a lot of the heavy lifting out of your hands. We make sure that you know the performance of the digital currency before you invest, while getting real time updates on how your investment is performing.

Additionally, our use of cutting-edge technology which allows us to predict and analyze at lightning speeds, and our groundbreaking automated analytical software makes trading a breeze.

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