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Technical analysis is carried to determine the present and future performance of a trading instrument based on its past performance and trends such as price changes and volume transformations. Simply stated, technical analysis focuses on price movements to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the instrument being evaluated and based on the gathered and analysed information, future trends are determined.

Several types of technical indicators are used by analysts to predict future price trends of trading instruments with accuracy. Some technical indicators focus predominantly on identifying the current market trends like resistance and support areas while other indicators focus on evaluating the trend’s strength and its likelihood of continuation. The most popular technical indicators include: trend lines, as well as moving average & momentum indicators such as MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence).

Absolutely. Advanced charting systems are primarily designed to make Forex trading simple, quicker and easier for novice traders by simplifying trading for Forex traders without sacrificing their returns. Advanced charting system/software is deployed with powerful tools like major trend indicators, volatility measures and oscillators that assist traders with technical analysis of the currency market, giving them valuable insights for making decisions with sheer confidence.

With these systems, you, the trader, can visualise and assess market data like volume fluctuations, and price movements in a powerful and easy to interpret format, all much needed to make real time trading decisions to maximise returns on investments. The charting system allows you to select your own preferences, technical indicator profile, time span and frame. You can also set trend-line alerts and auto trade execution to ensure that you never miss a chance to make profitable trades.

Furthermore, using advanced charting systems, you can get greater insights and details regarding the dynamics of the market, and easily predict future price rotations and trends. Using these charting systems, you can instantly spot a profitable trade and trade it on the spot, churning more returns on your trading investments.

In comparison to technical analysis, fundamental analysis focuses on evaluating trading instruments and securities based on their intrinsic value. The data is sourced from financial records, and economic reports. For more information about technical and fundamental analysis, check our analysis page.

With Master Trade FX, your investment stays protected and secure 24/7 with the help of our ultra secure system embedded with the best-in-industry technology. Our advanced security software system is designed for superior data monitoring and can quickly spot, report as well as rectify any kind of fluctuations in the client’s account. For more information on our security measures, check our Security page.

We use the most advanced HTML5 based trading platform, which was created in-house. Our platform has a user-friendly interface, and can be accessed by our clients from multiple devices. Through this trading platform, you can assess your account from anywhere while on the go and keep track of your investments in real time. To learn more, visit our Platform page.

There are 3 basic account types:

  • Standard Trading Account
  • Mini Trading Account
  • Expert Trading Account

Our Expert Account type is created for traders with experience in the Forex field, who wish to take advantage of all our features and educational material. This account type also grants you with your Personal Account Manager, who will be available to assist you 24/7. To learn more about expert trading accounts, view our Account Types page.

Bollinger Bands is basically used to identify the currency pair degree of real time volatility. Technical analysts keep an eye on the volatility because an unexpected increase in the volatility level is often considered as a prelude to a market trend reversal. The Bollinger Bands are predominantly placed over the price chart and also, consist of a moving average together with lower and upper bands that describe pricing “channels”.

At Master Trade FX, we are a highly customer focused company. Our team of financial and trading analysts work in your best interest and for your success. Our goal is to provide you with trading solutions and financial products/services that are tailored around your needs and requirements so that you can achieve your targeted goals successfully and in the fastest possible time.

MACD is the abbreviation for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is a popular and very commonly used technical indicator among traders and analysts. This tool is used primarily to identify and determine moving averages that indicate a new trend. It can be either bullish or bearish. Decisions regarding investments and trades are made on the basis of the trends identified on the charting pattern.

When the faster moving average diverges or moves away from the slower moving average, it is called divergence. However, when moving averages (slow and fast) start to get closer, the charting pattern/ histogram gets smaller which is called convergence.

MACD crossover basically depicts a trend that occurs when the fast moving average line crosses over the slow moving average line. In a crossover, the fast line begins to move away or diverge from the slower line indicating the formation of a new trend.

Yes. Our trading platform is accessible on a variety of devices including desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Simply stated, no matter where you are, you can manage your funds and make investment trades with utmost ease, flexibility and security.

The top benefit of using a mini trading account is that the initial capital required for this account type is very small, making it low risk for novice and inexperienced traders.



▪      Advanced Charting System

An advanced chartings system provides traders with tools for quickly and effectively conducting technical analysis. Using this system, traders can visualise data in a powerful format and make trading decisions more confidently.



▪      Bonds

Bonds are fixed income securities. Government and corporate bonds are traded publicly on exchanges while other types of bonds are traded over the counter.

▪      Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands is a technical indicator used by technical analysts.



▪      Expert Trading Account

Expert trading accounts allow professional or advanced traders to get the most out of the Master Trade FX platform. Contact us to find out more.



▪      Financial Instruments

Financial instruments are tradable assets such as company shares, currencies, oil, gold and other commodities, CFDs, futures and options.

▪      Forex Trading

Forex trading is exchange of one currency with another at an agreed exchange price.

▪      Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis evaluates the intrinsic value of the securities by examining macro and micro economic factors, financial factors and other quantitative and qualitative factors.



▪      Intrinsic Value

Intrinsic value in finance refers to the value of stock, product or currency that is determined via fundamental analysis without any reference to its market value. It is also known as fundamental value.



▪      Mini Trading Account

The mini trading account is a smaller version of the standard trading account.



▪      Standard Trading Account

With a standard trading account, traders have access to a standard currency lot of worth $100,000 and can trade with a capital as low as $1,000.