Make sure that your investment stays secure

When it comes to investing funds into any market, there is some risk involved, no matter how big or small the investment is. In terms of client funds however, it is up to the financial service provider to make sure that said funds are handled and maintained, with the utmost security and reliability in place.

We, at Master Trade FX, do just that and more, in the way of protecting our clients’ valuable investment through the use of the most cutting edge software and technology, as well as all of the known security methods that exist, to make sure that your investment stays secure and protected 24/7.

  • Segregated Client Funds

    At Master Trade FX, your funds are protected and secured through every measure possible, including maintenance into separate, segregated accounts, to ensure that they do not mix with the company’s own funds. This seemingly obvious measure is actually not undertaken by a great many financial service providers, leading to confusion and discrepancies in the accounts.

    We maintain our clients’ funds in bank accounts that are well separated from the company’s own. This ensures that the capital that you have invested cannot be utilized by the company for any purpose other than what it is intended to be used for.

  • Ultra-Secure System

    The security of our clients’ funds is something that we take very seriously, at Master Trade FX. So much so, in fact, that we have one of the most secure systems in the industry, for the sole purpose of efficient and secure management of client funds. Our system allows us to keep track of the funds in their respective accounts, and monitor each and every transaction.

    This in turn, allows us to look out for and prevent any and all discrepancies which may put the account out of balance. We guarantee the utmost in security for your funds.

  • Best-in-Industry Technology

    Our advanced software, which is geared towards complete and comprehensive data monitoring, is fully equipped to spot, report and rectify any fluctuation in our clients’ accounts. By making use of the most advanced tools and systems available today, we are steadily ensuring that our accounts be the most secure and foolproof. The security measures taken by our system, both manually and trough automation are guaranteed to keep your investment secure and movable only upon the request and approval of the client.

Not convinced yet?

For more information regarding our security measure and how they guarantee account safety, get in touch with one of our experts today.